Genetic Lifeform and Disc Operating System;

((Discussed this with Harpy so.. Yeah. Let’s do this~ *weary*))

A quiet and tired groan of yawn came from GLaDOS, her head buried in her folded arms that laid on the desk. Was she sleeping..? She huffed to herself and slowly she lifted her head, staring out forward with a half-lidded gaze. She gave a hiss at the bright lights and once again found her head in her arms. 

"Sleep is so.. pointless." she whispered, quickly realizing what the problem had been, it being a little organic, but it was something she was used to by now. Even if she didn’t like it, she had her ways of dealing with it. Plus Marine was probably too tired to go on a little rampage, and Harpy was busy being laid up in bed.

With a grumble and another due yawn, her muffled voice found finally found itself, “At least I can put quick use to the goods Logic gave me..” she smiled a bit to herself and stayed relaxed on the desk.

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