Genetic Lifeform and Disc Operating System;
To Feel (Open RP)

No one was following her, that was a first. Relived, she took a deep breath and sighed longingly as she made her way down the long hallway that fed into the office rooms, carrying a pair of scissors at her side. She had just left out of a random door, one of many, in quite a bit of a hurry.

Slowly the pain of her nose was coming back to her as the adrenaline from the rather chaotic moments wore off, it hurt, a lot, being kicked in the face does that. But she smiled to herself, she had left her attacker with a worse injury, at least her own wouldn’t be leaving any marks or scars, but maybe a little mess on her arm and chest, blood stains too easily.

Feeling rather smug now knowing she was better off, she strutted down the hall, swinging the scissors by it’s handle with her finger.